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TAP Stopover


TAP Air Portugal is the main airline in Portugal, with 75 years of history. It’s among the airlines with the greatest number of connections between Brazil and Europe. It flies from 10 Brazilian cities to over 50 European destinations.


In 2016, TAP created Portugal Stopover, offering their passengers flying from Brazil to Europe the possibility of staying up to 5 nights in Lisbon or Porto without any additional charges on the fares.


This aimed to encourage people to travel to Portugal, while also retaining customers with a new service that was extremely advantageous to them.


In the process of communicating Portugal Stopover, AFT developed the whole campaign, from the concept to its fulfillment.

ilustra_amigas 2.jpg


  • To communicate the new service clearly and objectively;

  • To overcome the fact that the word “stopover” was still a very new and little-known concept in Brazil;

  • To increase interest in Portugal as a destination;

  • To improve TAP’s share of mind.



Creative concept

To evidence the concept of two destinations for the price of one, we found famous elements from Portugal and other eligible destinations for the Stopover and combined iconic images.


Communication strategies

We designed our strategy to reach TAP’s target audience: upper middle class, above 25 years old, interested in experiences in Europe. We worked with magazines, radio, TV, and out-of-home media (cinema), always focusing on the cities where TAP operated (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife, Belém, and Natal).


At the same time, we also created a B2B sales campaign among Brazilian travel agencies that sold TAP, encouraging travel agents to sell more.



A year after launching Stopover and its campaign, TAP had already acquired over 100,000 passengers who traveled with Stopover.

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